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Configure up to 3 multi-hop servers and use them with OpenWeb on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

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How does multi-hop VPN work?

When using VPN, you connect to the entry node and traffic is then routed to the exit node from where it continues to access the Internet. This is extremely useful to improve privacy, as anybody sniffing on your traffic sees that you connect to server A with IP They may then suspect that you are using VPN and check what server A with IP is accessing. Even though there are thousands of other users accessing the server A with you and browsing online content through it, the attackers can get some limited information about what IPs you may be connecting to by monitoring network activity on server A.

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This risk is eliminated with multi-hop VPN connection available for all Astrill VIP users. After you connect to Server A, it does not access Internet directly, but instead passes the request through an encrypted tunnel to server B. Server B then executes the request and forwards reply back to server A, which sends it back to you. It becomes extremely hard to track where traffic from user goes and from where it returns.

Multihop VPN connection for anonymous VPN
Multi-hop VPN connection

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